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Kyrgyz people: cross-border connections

Kyrgyz people are living in the Central Asia for ages. The world of the Kyrgyz people has been split into 2 main areas of interests – former Soviet Union and China. All Kyrgyz people historically used Arabic alphabet for writing. However, in former Soviet Union was introduced Latin alphabet in 1927 and it was replaced by Cyrillic alphabet from 1938, while people in China use Arabic alphabet till today.

Due to these historical reasons, Kyrgyz people are now divided into 2 groups. The bigger one (around 4 000 000 people) use Cyrillic alphabet and the smaller one from China (around 150 000 people) is using Arabic alphabet. People from these groups usually can not read the other script.

Today, internet is a medium which can easily get in touch people from different countries, but unfortunately, due to script barrier Kyrgyz people are still not joined.

Saturday 21st August 2010 15:25 | print | Language projects

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