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How to grow grass and the maintenance of lawn

What to do with mowed grass?

If you love a beautiful, low grass mat, you will certainly mow your lawn frequently. In the meantime, frequently mowed grass provides large quantities of grass of which you only have trouble. The majority of gardeners I know get rid of their grass with their household refuse. I can only shake my head in unbelief for people carelessly getting rid of the cheapest manure!

Friday 12th November 2010 22:26 | print | Lawn

How to mow your lawn correctly?

It is necessary to mow your lawn correct in order to obtain a thick grass carpet. No conifer will look good with dying lawn surrounding it!

Saturday 6th November 2010 19:52 | print | Lawn

The planting of a new lawn

In Europe the best time for planting a new lawn or the planting of extra grass in an existing lawn is from May until June. If there is very little rain in the spring, July might be the best time to plant.

Friday 5th November 2010 19:40 | print | Lawn

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