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The cultivation of the Four Leaf Clover - (Marsilea quadrifolia)


The Four Leaf Clover (Marsilea quadrifolia) is a water fern of which the leaves look like clovers. Do you think that the terms water fern and clover has nothing to do with each other? On the contrary – both of these terms describes the characteristics of these unusual very decorative and practical unknown plants in the gardening world.

Saturday 12th June 2010 21:09 | print | Water and aquatic plants

Indian Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)


The Indian Lotus Flower

The Indian Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is a beautiful aquatic plant with pea green leaves that float on the top of the water surface. The pink flowers are usually found on thick stems rising several centimeters above the water.
The Indian Lotus flower is held sacred and is used by the Buddhists during religious ceremonies. The whole plant is fit for human consumption; although mainly the seeds and the roots (rhizomes) are usually used in traditional cuisine throughout Southeast Asia. The Indian Lotus is a paludal plant that can be grown in the same way as growing the fragrant water lily. It is not difficult to grow this plant in our conditions; one must only know how!

Friday 16th January 2009 14:02 | print | Water and aquatic plants, How to grow

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