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Cherimoya (Annona cherimola)

Currently very interesting types of tropical fruits are being imported to Europe. I have succeeded in buying the fruit of the cherimoya and tasting it. It is not found in fruit shops but thanks to my own good taste, it will find its place there as well!

Wednesday 3rd November 2010 13:15 | print | Exotic plants

Chinese tea – Grow your own tea!


Before the end of the winter approaches, every gardener considers what will grow the coming season. Do you find it no more challenging to grow tomatoes, paprika and cucumber? Do you want something else? Something more exotic? What do you think of the idea to grow your own tea this year?!

Tuesday 2nd November 2010 15:02 | print | Exotic plants, How to grow

Tree Tobacco Nicotiana glauca – a balcony plant with perspective!


Tree Tobacco (Nicotiana glauca)

The human desire to something new, unusual and unconventional is limitless. Thus, gardeners also dream of cultivating something new in their gardens – something that nobody else has. The plant market therefore gives gardeners something new every year – to still the hunger of gardeners looking for something original to satisfy their needs. The commercial launching of new varieties will make the tree tobacco plant common to all gardeners very soon!

Monday 1st November 2010 14:46 | print | Exotic plants

Kiwano – Cucumis metuliferus

The Kiwano’s 10–15 cm long fruits look like oranges. It belongs to the cucumber family. The fruit has little horns on the peel and makes one think of a medieval weapon. The flesh of the fruit is green and usually contains many 5–10 mm long white seeds. When not ripe yet, the colour of the fruit is green.

Tuesday 8th June 2010 19:26 | print | Exotic plants

Welwitschia mirabilis – the cultivation of a living fossil

picture Welwitschia (Welwitschia mirabilis) is a primeval plant growing in a small area along the coastal region of the Atlantic Ocean in Namibia and Southern Angola. Welwitschia is actually a tree, although it does not seem like it at first glance. The whole plant consists of one short trunk out of which 2 leaves grow – these look like two huge curled ribbons with frayed, barren ends. Welwitschia sometimes looks like a heap of rubbish!

Saturday 22nd May 2010 22:40 | print | Exotic plants

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