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How to mow your lawn correctly?

It is necessary to mow your lawn correct in order to obtain a thick grass carpet. No conifer will look good with dying lawn surrounding it!

Before mowing the lawn, the following rule should be kept in mind – the grass should be shortened by a 1/3. This means that grass being 6 cm long, should me mowed up to 4 cm. The optimum height for grass is around 2 to 3 cm. If mowing too low, the grass might dry out. After mowing the grass, it should be given sufficient water (at least 10–15 l water on 1m ²).

Here we use two types of lawn mowers – the traditional type and the so-called mulch-mower. Mulch-mowers do not pick the grass up after mowing, but cuts it finely and throws it back on the lawn. This way your lawn is fertilized automatically after every mowing session. However, these mowers are not suitable when you have a swimming pool, as the grass will get into the pool. Here is is therefore better to use the traditional lawn mower with a box attached to it, which pick the mowed grass up.

There are also combined lawn mowers where you can choose to use a collecting box or not.

These are suitable for lawns with a slope of 15°. If your lawn is on a steep area, you should use hand mowers that is suitable also for worse accessible small places around trees or edges of flowerbeds.

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