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15th Anniversary of KPR

It has been 15 years ago, since we have started doing our activities worldwide. Until now we have our members in every country of the world. Nearly. 2 countries are still missing – Antarctica and North Korea – but it is behind our power. Now we can say, unlike many other international companies, that our presence is really global. From the lowlands to the high mountains, from deserts to tropical forests, from the southern to northern hemisphere. Well, nearly everywhere.


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Our beginnings

The KPR – Gardeners Club or in Slovak language, Klub pestovateľov rastlín, was initially established in 2000 in Slovakia in Europe, however a small number of plant enthusiastic have been trading seeds and plants in Slovakia since as early as 1998. From the beginning practically nobody knew about us, but in 2001 our first website was created. From that time, many plant lovers joined us and working together it was much easier for us to get rare plants from all around the world and even start to grow some species of pants, which were unknown in Slovakia.

Our goals

  • Remove language barriers – Gardener's e-shop in more than 100 languages DONE!
  • Remove bureaucratic and financial barriers – Local bank accounts have been opened to avoid spending huge amounts of money on sending money abroad DONE!
  • Free access to seeds for everyone – Seeds and Plants Bank of KPR allows easy access to a wide range of plant species DONE!
  • World plant biodiversity on one place Hardly working on

Presenting our website in so many languages, means that we were able to create a unique project in the gardening world and with the removal of language barriers, we were able to bring more and more gardeners together, enabling almost anybody in the world to get the plants he or she is looking for. Are you interested to join? You can become our translator and help us to spread this great idea.

Besides joining gardeners with different interest fields from all over the world, we are also working intensively on expanding our Seed Bank. The Seeds and Plants Bank of the KPR will be a unique place where we trust that anybody will be able to find anything they need.

World plant biodiversity on one stock? It is no utopia, but step by step, seed by seed it become a reality. There are about 250 000 vascular plant species on the Earth. In 2015, we were offering merely around 4% of our plant’s treasury. Although this might not sound like a huge collection, 10 000 plant species being kept by us, is a wonderful accomplishment to us.

At the moment, well-established regions include Europe, Australia, some regions in Africa and South-East Asia. There are still a lot of white spots; however, we hope that this will not be the case for much longer!

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