What to do with mowed grass?

If you love a beautiful, low grass mat, you will certainly mow your lawn frequently. In the meantime, frequently mowed grass provides large quantities of grass of which you only have trouble. The majority of gardeners I know get rid of their grass with their household refuse. I can only shake my head in unbelief for people carelessly getting rid of the cheapest manure!

Grass is good for many things, of which manure is one of the most valuable (this includes grass, compost, dry bark from pine trees etc.) and is used to cover special plants and flowers. This manure limits abundant vaporization of water, keeps the ground wet for longer and creates a favorable microclimate for useful microorganisms. The mowed grass with which we cover the plants, delivers nutritive substances, which are taken up by the plants easily

This manure can prevent the bursting of the fruits of tomatoes and aubergines very efficiently. When you use grass as compost you can preven t that the fruit of berries and gr apes fal l of f ea rly duri ng d ry p erio ds o f ti me  – like t his year for instance. The dry bark of pine trees are not rich in nutritive substances and is thus used only to cover parks, gardens etc.

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